Region & All-State Orchestra Auditions
Region and Texas All-State etudes are now available via the Texas Music Educators Association website. More information HERE



Where can I purchase the etude books?
The etude books are available for purchase at local string shops (Lisle Violin, Sam’s Strings, Katy Violin) as well as online music stores such as Shar and JW Pepper.


Will Jordan make copies of the etudes for me so that I don’t have to purchase the etude book?
No. Jordan Orchestra will not provide copies of the Region/All-State etudes due to copyright laws.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own etude books. These etudes books are an investment in your music education.


Are the etudes the same for Region and All-State?
Yes.  However, the Region cuts will differ from the All-State cuts within a given etude.  You must learn the entire etude in order to be prepared for these auditions.


Do I have to perform with the printed fingerings and bowings? 
Yes. You must perform with the printed fingerings, bowings, and at the tempo listed on the TMEA All-State website.  Any deviations from printed fingerings, bowings, and tempo will result in penalty.


When will Region etude cuts be announced?
August 1, 2020.  The Region etude cuts and tempos are now posted on the TMEA website.


When will All-State etude cuts be announced?
Go to the TMEA website and click on the Orchestra Division tab to read information regarding All-State auditions.  Orchestral excerpts are not publicly available because of copyright laws.  Please email Mr. Butz if you would like receive the All-State excerpts.


Do I have to audition for Region in order to audition for All-State?
Yes.  Auditioning for Region serves as a prerequisite for participation in the All-State audition process.


Can I letter for participation in Region or All-State?
Yes.  You can receive points toward your letterman’s jacket. More information HERE


I still need a private lesson teacher.  Where can I find one?
Please email Mr. Butz for a recommended private lesson teacher list.