The Jordan Orchestra Student Council is comprised of co-presidents who share responsibility with planning and organizing social events, fostering a unified orchestra spirit, and assisting with orchestra responsibilities (inventory, library, fundraising, etc.) throughout the year. JOSC co-presidents must demonstrate strong emotional, social, and academic maturity in their ability to support Jordan orchestra’s vision, plan and budget for events, and communicate with orchestra musicians and community stakeholders.  In addition, all JOSC representatives must demonstrate a strong desire to foster an inclusive environment among all Jordan orchestra musicians and their families.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the JOSC will be selected by Mr. Butz through an application and interview process. After the co-presidents are selected, one student from each orchestra class period will be elected to serve as an orchestra representative on the JOSC.  Representatives from each orchestra will be nominated and voted for by their respective orchestra class sections at the beginning of each fall semester.

All JOSC members must remain academically eligible (70% or higher in all classes) in order to serve in a leadership role.  Any person who is unable to commit to serving duties with integrity and/or in a responsible manner will be dismissed from the JOSC and will not allowed to campaign for or serve again on the JOSC.

Starting in Spring 2021, all current Jordan orchestra students will have the opportunity to create their own five-member-team and campaign for serving as next year’s co-presidents (incoming freshmen are not eligible to serve as co-presidents).  All teams must submit their application by the announced deadline and attend a mandatory leadership meeting before receiving formal approval to run for JOSC.  Any team(s) or incomplete team(s) that do not attend the mandatory meeting will automatically forfeit their ability to run for JOSC. All campaigning teams will present their platform via video format to every orchestra class.  Finally, all Jordan orchestra musicians will formally vote for the JOSC team that they desire to lead the orchestra for the next academic year.  The team receiving the most student votes wins the election.

2020-2021 Co-Presidents:
Armaan Chadha
Allison Chu
Mariana Gomez-Pardo
Jade Kamoun
Maya Piotrowicz
Jordan Rosamond

2020-2021 Orchestra Representatives: