Jordan Audition Information

Welcome to the brand-new Jordan High School Orchestra!  Please read the Audition Requirements Packet so that you can begin to prepare for your high school audition.

Orchestra auditions are due via electronic video file submission by Friday, May 1, 2020. 

Please carefully study the following documents to prepare now and be successful with your orchestra audition:


STEP 1: Read the Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements: JHS-Audition Requirements

You will need to decide what orchestra you wish to audition for (Sinfonia, Lyrica, Philharmonia, or Camerata).  Each orchestra has specific scales, etude, and solo/etude requirements.  Please make sure to read the packet by clicking the link above! It is extremely important that you perform to the best of your ability for this audition.

*Pianists can audition; however, there is no guarantee that pianists will be accepted into a Jordan orchestra if they are unable to meet the technical/musical requirements for orchestra participation.  Pianists must perform a solo audition demonstrating their musicianship.  Please know that there is no designated Jordan piano class.  Therefore, all pianists must have at least three years of private piano instruction, know all major and minor scales, and must be currently taking private lessons to be considered for admission into the Jordan orchestral program. 


STEP 2: Download and Print the Audition Etude

Please download and print the file provided below for your instrument.  You will perform this etude as part of your orchestra audition video.  Every student must play this etude so that Mr. Butz can assess your current musical and technical skills.

Click your instrument to download & print etude:

Wagner – Violin
Wagner – Viola
Wagner – Cello
Wagner – Double Bass


STEP 3: Prepare and Video Record

Directions: 1) Make sure that the video captures your entire body and left- and right-hand.  Angle your body and instrument toward the camera.  2) Please say your full name and what orchestra you are auditioning for next year.  3) Perform your video audition in this order: 

Two major scales (Scale requirements are different for each level of orchestra, so please review the Audition Requirements packet for the orchestra you are auditioning.)

2) Wagner etude (You must follow the printed fingerings and markings. Perform this excerpt with the best sound and musicianship possible.  Show off your strong rhythm, vibrato, shifting, and musicality.)

3) Select a three-minute excerpt from your solo or etude piece that best demonstrates your musicianship and technical facility.  Do your best!


STEP 4: Submit via Google doc

CLICK HERE to fill-out the Google doc form (the link to the form is also provided in the Audition Requirements packet that is posted above). Copy and paste the URL link of your audition video recording into the Google doc. You must upload only one video file (all scales, etude, and solo are recorded together). Make sure that your video link stays active until July 2020.  Deadline is Friday, May 1, 2020.