Jordan High School is Katy ISD’s newest high school that will open with ninth and tenth grade students during its first year (2020-2021). We have the fortunate and exciting opportunity to begin new traditions of musical excellence in our community! Every Jordan orchestra musician will receive a well-rounded string education that promotes the lifelong joy in making music as well as the love of learning. We look forward to our bright future!


“Excellence Lives Here” is Jordan High School Orchestra’s mantra.   Jordan musicians will always exhibit excellent work ethic, character, responsibility, integrity, and musicianship.


Our vision for every Jordan orchestra musician is to create a lifelong love and enjoyment in creating music. All Jordan orchestra musicians will receive a string education that covers a solid foundation in music theory, aural skills, music history, and diverse orchestral repertoire. Jordan High School will serve as a model of an exemplary orchestral program as evidenced by its superb musicianship and excellent character among its musicians and director.

Jordan Orchestra Levels

Membership in the various Jordan orchestras is based on a combination of factors that include playing ability, work ethic, music aptitude (knowledge of music theory and aural skills), adaptability, and musical potential.  Jordan orchestra musicians are required to audition for orchestra placement every year so that they can be placed into the most appropriate level orchestra that will challenge and inspire them to achieve musical success.

Musicians’ Responsibility

Orchestra placement is at the sole discretion of the director—not the private lesson teacher nor the parent.  Orchestra audition results are final with no opportunity to re-audition.  Complaints about orchestra placement will not be entertained. Therefore, Jordan orchestra musicians must be responsible in preparing required audition material extremely well so that they can have a positive audition experience that exhibits their true musicianship.  Audition results will be announced prior to fall semester.

2021-2022 Audition Requirements

Our orchestras will continue to increase in size in the future years as our school adds junior and senior classes.  We will continue to adapt and add more orchestra sections as our numbers grow.  During the 2021-2022 academic year, Jordan will have Varsity, Non-Varsity, and Sub Non-Varsity level orchestras.

All orchestras are equally important and all musicians will receive high-level string instruction regardless of orchestra level.  We value all orchestra members and want every person to gain musical confidence in the correct-level orchestra. Please carefully read the audition requirements and expectations for each orchestra level.  Do your very best to prepare for your Jordan orchestra audition!